today’s heckler – the stupidity of unnecessary cosmetic surgery

Today’s Heckler from the SMH is really great. Basically, the very sensible and down-to-earth message is: If you’ve got four limbs, all your senses and a generally functioning body, you should count your lucky stars instead of wasting time trying to ‘improve’ your looks.




2 responses to “today’s heckler – the stupidity of unnecessary cosmetic surgery

  1. Hi! I found your site by googling “radical feminist blogs” after reading way too many pro-pornography new wave fem websites. I needed to scrub my brain.
    I loved the Heckler article. I hate it that women get plastic surgery. She basically described my feelings, though admittedly, I have a bit more scathing things to say about it…

    • oh, that’s a shame you had to come across all those pro-pornography websites – ugh. It’s so hard to argue with a woman (or a man….) who is pro-porn though. I mean, on the one hand, I respect that everyone is ‘turned on’ by different things, but on the other, I can’t help but think that pro-porn feminists are just too willing to be complicit. It’s EASIER to be complicit. I mean, porn is everywhere and it’s sooooo uncool to speak out against it. Anyway, I hope you find some good feminist blogs you like – there are some radical ones on my blogroll that are pretty good. Thanks for dropping by.

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