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The logic behind the blog’s title is the continuing confusion about what constitutes a ‘feminist’. For example, if someone says they are a feminist, does that necessarily mean they are?

Sometimes I get the feeling that there are people out there who think all women are feminists. For example, a couple of years ago someone said to me, “Paris Hilton’s a feminist isn’t she?” I personally don’t think she is and I would hazard a guess that Paris wouldn’t identify herself as a feminist either. But the person who made this comment believed that because Paris Hilton was ‘successful’ and therefore somehow ’empowering’ women, she was a feminist.

Being a woman does not make you a feminist, and there are feminist-hating women in public eye to prove this (eg, Miranda Devine).

Similarly, the argument for more women in politics is fraught with problems because of this issue. Arguably not all women politicians act for other women. Sarah Palin was probably not every feminist’s dream because of her conservative stance on birth control and other things. But could it be argued that there is symbolic value in her presence in a heavily male-dominated sphere (politics)? Is Julia Gillard a feminist? I doubt she would identify as one, and I haven’t heard her talk about women-centred issues. But perhaps she has a ‘role model’ effect on Australian girls and women. It’s surely important to have women in public positions of power so that girls and women can identify with them and know that they too have the right to be there.


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